If you learn to laugh at yourself, your self will always be happy!

Life is a tragedy if you look at it up close, but a comedy if you step away from it a little.

Every day we find ourselves experiencing conflict on many levels: conflict with yourself, with others, with nature. Conflict cannot be eliminated, it can only be experienced and accepted. So why don’t we try to experience it in a fun and playful way?

When we are able to laugh at conflict, we distance ourselves from it, we disidentify with it. This makes us see the problem under a different light, makes us change point of view. Suddenly the problem seems less severe, more acceptable.

Themes treated in the seminar:

  • How to think like a comedian to change your point of view of reality, to experience problems in a fun way
  • How to develop your personal sense of humor: techniques, exercises, games.

“Laughter is like a windshield wiper: it won’t make it stop raining, but it might help you see better.” (J. Ugnot)


Comedian, actor, magician, author, playwright, director, coach and teacher of comic theater.
Parallel to his performing activities, Lannutti is also a prolific teacher, and throughout the years has collaborated with, among others:

  • “Academia del comico” Bologna, Italy
  • “Teatro Binario” Cotignola, Italy
  • University of Bologna, Italy: degree program in business management and running cultural organizations (Prof. Simone Ferriani), classes for teachers about italian dramatic literature, playwriting workshop (Prof. Paola Giovanelli)
  • “Teatranza” Theatre Center in Moncalieri, Italy, directed by Maurizio Babuin
  • “Teatro del Navile theatre”, Bologna, Italy, directed by Nino Campisi
  • “Atelier Teatro Fisico”, Torino, Italy, directed by Philip Radice
  • “Improvvido” association, Fermo, Italy
  • “InnerTeam”, School of counseling and coaching, degree program in “Voice Dialogue”: class on using comedic resources in one’s private and professional life.