Handstands, acrobalance, trapeze, and aerial silk


For years, Gaby Corbo has been teaching different circus arts to students of all ages.
At the moment she holds classes at:

  • Associazione Sportiva Acquablu of Bologna: Handstands
  • Cus Bologna: Static trapeze

She is available to teach the following disciplines:

  • Handstands
  • Acrobalance
  • Aerial silk
  • Complete circus arts for children and/or teenagers
  • Static trapeze
  • Double trapeze (for students already familiar with static trapeze techniques)

For detailed information on classes and workshops, contact Gaby Corbo at

GABY CORBO Actress, acrobat, clown, teacher. A fully-rounded artist, specializing in handstands. Parallel to her performing activities in circuses, theatres, and the street, she is also a prolific teacher of circus arts, and has worked with the following organizations:

Ass. Acquablu (Bologna, Italy), Cus Bologna, Mondo Troll (Vicenza, Italy), Flic Amatoriale (Torino, Italy), Danzarte (Brescia, Italy), Escuela de Circo, Criollo (Argentina), Circo del Aire (Argentina), Redes club de circo (Argentina)